Hey there! My name is Betti and I am a motion designer, illustrator and animator.

Born and raised in adventurous, inspiring Berlin, I spent most of my childhood with drawing comic scenes and heroes on everything that crossed my way. After finishing high school I followed my clear mission to study media design at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover, where all my drawings and characters finally were made alive. In summer 2014 I graduated with Bachelor of Arts and since then I am looking for challenging projects, to support creative teams with my hard work ethic and passion for moving images.

Amongst others, I have worked for Bunch, Giraffentoast Design, Film Deluxe and vjsual in Berlin, the directors Duo Woodyholl from Hamburg, Videodesign.CH from Switzerland and the design studio Tonic Trix in Hannover.

Feel free to contact me and we will meet up for a tea!